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双系统融合,fusion system

Non-virtual Machine Way

Have the complete user experience of both systems at the same time.
Switch freely between the two systems without restarting.
Non-virtual machine way, Native stable system with no performance loss.

Support Android and Linux to Call API Each Other

Provide access to APIs across Android/Harmony OS and Linux systems.
Support kernel-level mutual access calls.
Reduce the adaptation cost of dual ecological applications.


Rich AI Tool Chain

Can install and run massive amounts of Linux software, programming languages and frameworks.
Support application center or command line to install applications.

  • C/C++C/C++
  • PythonPython
  • JavaJava
  • JavaScriptJavaScript
  • RubyRuby
  • GoGo
  • ShellShell
  • hadoophadoop
  • nginxnginx
  • ApacheApache
  • VimVim
  • sshssh
  • jupyterjupyter
  • vscodevscode
  • chromiumchromium
  • mysqlmysql
  • gitgit
Interfaces and Peripherals
Built-in peripheral ultra-fast interconnection module.
Support more than 90% AIoT interfaces and peripherals. Plug and Play.
  • WiFiWiFi
  • 4G/5G4G/5G
  • BuletoothBuletooth
  • GyroGyro
  • RS232RS232
  • RS485RS485
  • ArduinoArduino
  • Robotic armRobotic arm
  • Depth cameraDepth camera
  • Web cameraWeb camera
  • HD cameraHD camera

Multi-screen Interconnection

Provide a unified user interface, which achieved multi-terminal interconnection and collaboration.

Applicable to
Intelligent Terminals

Support APK quick installation, ROM pre-installation and other installation methods,can be quickly deployed on ARM64-bit smart devices.

Mobile Device
Smart Screen
Edge Device
Installation configuration requirements
Android version ≥ 6.0.1
CPU supports ARM64-v8a
Installation storage needed(AidLux1.2.1) > 1.5GB
Initial storage needed > 2.8G

Instructions for commercial version trial application

Dear user!

The commercial version of AidLux needs to be used with official edge computing hardware devices. APLUX will provide a trial in the form of AidBox hardware with AidLux commercial version software.

This application will collect your business information and contact information, so our account manager can contact you. During the trial period you can also describe your other needs to the account manager in detail, as APLUX provides customized solutions for business users.

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